Partner with Us

Grow together with us by becoming a part of one of our partner programs.

Funding Partner (ISO)

Partnering with Monetafi as a Funding Partner enables you to take advantage of our innovative financing solutions, advanced technology platform, and white label services, thereby enhancing the capital access experience for your clients. As a Funding Partner, you’ll directly manage the process with the business owner, reinforcing your relationship and further improving the customer experience.

Referral Partners

By aligning with Monetafi as a Referral Partner, you provide us with potential leads and in return, you receive a commission for each completed funding deal. We handle the entire sales journey, giving you the freedom to focus on your commissions. Our streamlined operations typically ensure businesses receive their funding within a span of 48 hours.

Lending as a Service

Our Lending as a Service Program offers the unique chance to white label or co-brand with our advanced FinTech lending platform. Well-established institutions with substantial existing customer networks can tailor our platform to suit their specific business requirements. This provides an avenue for you to reap the advantages of Monetafi’s exclusive underwriting, management, and collections systems.